Mama in a half shell…

Ok, so many know that my first attempt to sew, were my Toms that were trashed. Well, second attempt, a Ninja Turtle costume.  I am not a fan of Halloween, for more than one reason, but as I ventured out in the torrential rain fall with two kinder, come on, really? No costume’s at the most significant costume places in the world? Granted it is 2 days before the haunting event, but we are in the land of abundance! I decided on the way home that it might be better to make something. After picking 1 up from home and listening to her rationalize it is better to spend money on a costume than food or a toy, I decided after spin class, we are going to make it a family tradition to make costumes instead of buy.  Our costumes…Raphael, the ninja turtle and Elizabeth, the Paper Bag Princess. Now that I am done with my handy work, it is time to eat my dinner, popcorn!! I can’t wait, it was the only thing I could think of when spinning!

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