30 Day Challenge: Day 3



Seriously, why does food have to be so good? I am finding probably the biggest challenge of this 30 day challenge is not eating after 7pm. I remember my grandmother always saying to eat after this time was a mistake. Everything my grandma has ever said, I kind of have taken to heart, even if it doesn’t make sense half the time, for it’s a sense within itself, I guess. I am not a huge night time snacker to begin with, but I just find time such a beast in the way of wanting to get all the things I want to get done in the 10 hours I have. Honestly, can it really be done?! When 3 was born, it was like the clock lost 2 hours and from that day forward, I always feel like I am running about 2 hours behind schedule. It is a chasing, answering and sharing life with little kids, planning and making meals often not appreciated, and all this with glimmer of hope that there will be at least an hour sometime in the evening to just SIT. There are times when my dinner is instead a nighttime snack, my favorite being homemade popcorn. It takes me to my happy place. Popcorn, seriously? But popcorn and I go way back. Not to date myself, but I remember in high school after one of our school plays, the group and I went to go see Austin Powers in the movie theater. I remember the awkward silence after I told my friend, the one I was in the play with, that I didn’t share and I wouldn’t share my popcorn with her. Oh…high school, how I don’t miss you. Unfortunately not much has changed. I will make the children popcorn, but when they are all nestled away in their beddies, I, without hesitation, reach for my vintage yellow Pyrex bowl and make a fresh batch of popcorn just for me. Aside from all of this, I am staying focused and steadfast. Run, really I am going to.

Image credit:www.popscreen.com

Mama in a half shell…

Ok, so many know that my first attempt to sew, were my Toms that were trashed. Well, second attempt, a Ninja Turtle costume.  I am not a fan of Halloween, for more than one reason, but as I ventured out in the torrential rain fall with two kinder, come on, really? No costume’s at the most significant costume places in the world? Granted it is 2 days before the haunting event, but we are in the land of abundance! I decided on the way home that it might be better to make something. After picking 1 up from home and listening to her rationalize it is better to spend money on a costume than food or a toy, I decided after spin class, we are going to make it a family tradition to make costumes instead of buy.  Our costumes…Raphael, the ninja turtle and Elizabeth, the Paper Bag Princess. Now that I am done with my handy work, it is time to eat my dinner, popcorn!! I can’t wait, it was the only thing I could think of when spinning!

My Favorite Snack

It is typically not a good thing when your almost 3 year old is in the bathroom saying, “I’m sorry mommy, I’m sorry…”  2 has been toilet trained for 5 months now, but today he had a bit of an accident.  I am not sure exactly how it happened, but I am guessing he was trying to wipe himself but some fell on the floor?  It was a messy situation.  Let’s just say brown little barefoot prints on the tile floor and a long strand of toilet paper caked into a brown substance with a heel mark in it.  At least the majority of it was in the toilet.  Today I have been mostly working on my message for tomorrow.  I have not spoken at church since the end of October of 2010.  I couldn’t believe how frazzled I felt.  Perhaps it was feeling distracted.  When this little bit happened, it just kind of made me realize that I am a mom, these sorts of things happen and it is ok.  Speaking of bare feet, tomorrow I am going to be making granola.  It is my staple breakfast with fiber flakes.  Unfortunately, it is 2’s as well…eeeks.  Since it is Saturday, not really a cheat day, but a treat day, I am having my staple snack…organic popcorn.   I don’t have a microwave, so I cook it with a popcorn popper.  I sprinkle it with a bit of grapeseed oil and sea salt.  Sometimes I will use parmesan cheese to kick it up a notch.