In search for a great love song


I asked Sean tonight what he thought to be the greatest love song. I like records and feel out of touch with a lot of modern music, plus I have been more inclined to sad, melancholic songs, not love songs. Oh boo. On the topic of boo, what has happened to the time? When did December happen? I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday looking for advent calendars, but hi, 9 days late, sorry kids! Sheesh. Ok, so back to love songs. Does anyone out there have any suggestions, besides Europe, Scorpion, or Bon Jovi? No offense to Sean, but really? If he wants to go that route, I might as well say November Rain or Patience, by Guns N Roses. Oh my. Well, please let me know if there is a song that moves you and impacts you in a romantic way. A song that makes you think of your love one with a heart of absolute surrender, absolute amazement, and abandonment. I am open to hear your suggestions, please let me know. Sean has been listening to Nolita Knights lately and this is a song that I think is pretty cool and want to share it with you.

Nolita Knights – Distance Kills from Brooks Reynolds on Vimeo.


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