Well, I am feeling mighty fine…

Vintage-Christmas-Snapshot-20111223_6It dawned on me as I began to wrap presents, not only am I surrounded by traditions set before me by my ancestors, grandparents, and my parents, but I am a product of my own traditions. I hadn’t realized this until just a few minutes ago, as I put on my Elvis Christmas Album. When I was little, about 6-ish, my mom would put on my Mini-Pops Christmas record as we decorated the Christmas tree with Joelle, my wee four year old sister, at the time. Shortly after, Elvis replaced the Mini-Pops. My love for Elvis began when I saw the television mini series- Elvis and Me, when I was 8. I became an instant fan. My parents smiled and were incredibly patient with me as I went through my Elvis shirt phase, my countless  obsession of having to have every Elvis tape ever made phase,  as well as having every poster, post card, framed photo, banner of Elvis posted to my bedroom walls, every where, until all the space was occupied by him. Needless to say, I was easy to shop for- for all occasions. However, 25 years later, I can see where Sean and I are in the process of developing a blue print for tradition with our family. I have a feeling Justin Bieber might be hitting our house this holiday season, as my mom gleamed with joy that she bought it for 1’s Christmas present along with a cd player, thanks mom…
Christmas is incredibly special for me and I am still in awe it has really arrived. We drove around tonight with our Starbucks drinks, and looked at all the pretty houses covered with a touch of Christmas Spirit. I am grateful for tradition and that tomorrow we will be celebrating Christmas Eve with my Grandma. Ever since I was little, we have been going to her house for Christmas Eve. It will be her 92nd  one, sheesh, and she is making her famous roladen and Christmas goose.  Well, I should continue on wrapping, but Merry Christmas, I leave you with my favorite Elvis Christmas song.

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