Cease Striving…

$$$-MILLET A2475 300dpi/A3-0

April 23

Today I found out Steve has stage 4 cancer. Leukaemia. How and why? No one knows, but we all puzzle over the inevitable. He is a young husband and dad. I know him not well, though we did spend a year together in a special internship in which he would tell me at the year’s completion, that ‘I wasn’t so bad after all, and that I could actually be nice and fun to be around’. It may have come across to some as an insult, but I laughed. I still laugh today, thinking about it. The poor group of young adults, some fresh out of high-school, and there was I, a twenty three year old prideful know-it- all, barging through the small classroom’s door of conservative likeness and shake things up with my impatient aggressions and authoritative repulsiveness. Steve I really fancied, though. Not romantically, but respectfully. Young, apprehensive, honest, and genuine, he wanted God in a real, non-churchy kind of way. I remember the compassion he portrayed to his siblings, both old and young. His family was large and loved largely. I pray Jesus you rescue this young man and uphold his wife and young daughter. You give and take away. I pray you give and take away. Give life, health,love, joy, peace, comfort, direction, wisdom, and focus. Take away hopelessness, fear, pain, despair, loneliness, destruction, torment, and all doubts of Your power and glory in this mirror shattering invasion.

Image Credit: Jean Francois Millet