Meal Plan. Take 1


Meal Plan: Take 1.

I have not written a meal plan, besides the one on our kitchen chalk board, for a long time, but it was brought to my attention I have not
blogged about food FOREVER. So here we go…I will share the recipes after each day in case anyone is interested.
Sean and I kind of work together with these meal plans, for we have had a few months of trial and error. These would be considered “crowd” pleasers in our home. Any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message and I would love to help you
out in any way possible.

Monday: Avocado Black Bean Burgers, on GF buns, with homemade fries and vegan Caesar salad.
Tuesday: Sage polenta and homemade marinara sauce, and steamed brocolli
Wednesday: Quinoa pilaf with Swiss chard and lemon
Thursday: Chipotle corn chowder and homemade olive loaf with thyme
Friday: Rustic pasta and salad
Saturday and Sunday: Mosh Posh of whatever is leftover….eeeks.