Under the tea cozy.

Everybody needs family. Everybody needs to be a part of a family, whether it be an immediate family, an extended family, or a spiritual family.  A major cultural theme in today’s society is individualism.  With individualism, the individual’s focus is on their own needs and perspectives instead of on relationships and groups.  Why?  I think there are many reasons for this and there is no one person who will have the same reasons as another.  I used to be involved with the new age movement.  I was really involved with numerology, horoscopes and other things, trying to figure out who I was and what my purpose was.  Often times I would catch myself putting myself in a box.  My sign didn’t get along with that person’s sign, so therefore we couldn’t be friends, and so on.  However, as I continued on my path of searching for the power within me to set me free from the bondages of anger, hurt, and depression, I ended up stumbling across a small church who accepted and embraced me for who I was and walked with me through some of my most painful days on the journey to recovery.  I met Jesus on this trip, and from that day forward, I have never been the same.  One of the major memories my church family has of me, is I would wear a tea cozy on my head.  I was shy, broken, insecure and felt safer if I had something on my head, whether it was a toque, a hat of some sort, or a tea cozy.  Hence the name of this blog.  Most people just knew me as the one wearing the tea cozy on my head, but never really got to know me until later, when the tea cozy came off, and my healing process changed how I viewed life and myself.  Being a young and new Christian, I was like a sponge and taking in all the teachings and readings to heart.  I would sit under the older, more mature women and learn all I could from them.  One lady in particular is Carol.  She became a spiritual mother to me. She loves me and she loves Sean greatly.  Before Sean’s mom passed away, Carol would often say she’d be his mom in the west, since his family was all back east.  She and Herb have embraced us like their own, and we really love and appreciate them.  Since we have been married, for almost seven years, it has been a tradition for the four of us to go out for dinner to experience  a new restaurant.  Last night was one of those occasions.  It was brilliant.  Absolute fun.  The food was fresh, tasty, and beautiful.  The conversation, like always, full of life, laughs, and excitement.  We left feeling refreshed and revived.  I love family.  I love that family doesn’t have to be placed in a box.  I love that community can’t be placed in a box.  There is just no room for it.  We need family.  We need to know we belong.