Recalibrate with a Date.

Tonight Sean and I had a date night.  I always find date nights a little getting used to.  I found myself getting quite deep in conversation regarding different topics with a great amount of passion, but the moment I became distracted due to placing my order, or saying, “yes” to the waiter, “the food is fine”, I would lose my train of thought and have no idea what I was talking about.  In my head I would see random pictures of the kids in snow suits…was that what I was talking about?  Or different things the kids were doing today, yesterday, or 2 days ago, but no, I was no where near talking about my kids, yet, they constantly consume my mind.  I believe this is normal.  Kids can never be put in the bracket of out of sight out of mind.  It just doesn’t work that way, at least for me.  I know some people who are experts at this phenomenon, they may not have kids, but they can do this with other things such as work, family, or friends. There is a longing in my heart to stay connected with Sean. It is extremely easy to get side tracked and caught up in the moment of life’s battles, distractions, and obstacles, as well as its celebrations, victories, and agendas, however, we as a couple have a commitment not only to each other, but to our children to be the best we can be for one another. I believe that date nights help with recharging, refocusing, as well as recalibrating. Marriage is a commitment. Friendship is a commitment. Parenting is a commitment. Life is full of commitments, unfortunately we can lose sight of the commitment, and become aloof, uninterested and disengaged. Date night. Fight for it!