Sew, Just Dance!

Phew! That is all I can say about last week. I was shocked to discover something during the hustle and bustle of all the things that happened. There were the night time visits with great friends, the end of 2’s soccer, the end of 1’s dance, the end of a teaching course that had been held at the church for the last 9 months, dinners, graduations, commitments, birthdays, special days, oh man…I remember thinking, “When is this going to end?” But like I mentioned, something happened at 1’s dance recital. An epiphany? No, I don’t think so, but close. I realized  I do not like to not be able to do something-whatever it may be. Even if I can’t do some things well, at least I can kind of do them somewhat.  I had to purchase a piece of elastic from Fabric Land for 1’s dance costume.  I left the store embarrassed and felt defeated. I don’t know how to sew or the language that goes with it. The next day while at the dance recital, I was awestruck. A longing in my heart made itself known to me. Is this because I recently had a birthday and whenever I have a birthday a new quest to conquer something is bizarrely birthed? Seriously. Two things. I want to learn to sew and I want to learn to dance.  When I told 1 I am planning on taking dance lessons she asked, “You don’t know how to dance?” When I answered, “No.” She replied, “Dancing is easy, you just dance.”