The Blower’s Daughter

It is fall…well, kind of. I face forward in this season with a favorite sweater, gum-boots, scarf, and a chai tea latte. Autumn, I embrace you with full arms. There is something about Damien Rice and fall. He kind of reminds me of my early twenties, which, is kind of like a couple of years ago, right? Is it wrong that I was about to wear my old Doc Martins from when I was 15 yesterday? Will I be the mom whose child will be embarrassed by her “stuck in the 90’s” mom? I remember my mom would wear her 1970’s Daisy Dukes in the 1980’s and I thought she was so cool. When I was 15 I would try to put them on, but could not even get one of my legs to fit through them. I ended up using a pair of my dad’s old jeans, first patching them up so they were like a pair of jeans Darlene wore from Roseanne…and then turn them into cut offs, but hey, you have to do what you have to do…thanks dad, those were my favorite pair of jeans. Here is a little Damien Rice to make the world a little softer, the time a little more patient, and the hour a little more calmer. Please stay tuned for recipes to follow…#2 and I were at the Natural path today with amazing results since his last visit in June. Gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free are truly helping the little chap. I will share some of his favorite foods in the next while.