Searching for resolve.


“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

A passionately distressed father said to me today, “I will not let the mistakes of adults bear weight on my children. My children should not have to suffer for the mistakes of adults. It is not going to happen, not in my house!” I stared at him and I could feel his anger. I could hear fatherly concern for the wellbeing of his children and the impact adults do have on them, their future kind of lies in their hands. As I listened and felt absolute compassion for him, I couldn’t help say to myself, ‘but it is too late’. Our ancestors made mistakes, mentors have made mistakes, trusted ones have made mistakes, and we have all made mistakes. We have all been the mere product of humanity trying to not be influenced by the things done to us, but we remain bound to a mindset, not completely our own, for it has been bred through the lineage of mother and father, grandmother and grandfather. We want to break free from the cycle, but brokenness lies somewhere in the depths of all our beings. It can’t be escaped, but it can’t be ignored. I saw the love this man has for his children and for children in general. Pain is a beast, but it is also strength. It is a willing of improvement and a promise for betterment, if not today, then perhaps tomorrow.

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