Goldilocks and the Three Cakes.

There has always been something about Goldilocks and me. I had to write a mock fairy tale when I was in 8th grade, so I decided to use Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but with a twist. I put a little bit of my quirky clumsiness into the character of Goldi and called the story, ‘Accident Prone Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ It was a hit. I loved it. I so loved it that I was rather disappointed when my teacher never returned it back to me. I do have an old VHS taping of it, me with my boy haircut, a mixed up American drawl, white Nike shorts with black Nike shoes; did I ever mention I used to be a huge Nike fan? Perhaps it was more of an Air Jordan fan, because it was the nineties and I sported an Air Jordan Jersey, like no other(this all said with absolute mockery). Well, a trillion years later, Goldilocks is still a part of my life in a strange way. I am sure I have mentioned this in previous posts, but it is TRADITION, and I am all about TRADITIONS, that I get a Goldilocks cake for my birthday. Goldilocks is a great Filipino bakery downtown Vancouver, in which my grandma would order cakes from and now I, too, order cakes from, however they have to be transported to me, because I don’t live in the city. Thankfully my sister, Joelle, will be picking THEM up for me, because a birthday party is just not a birthday party without a cake (or cakes) from Goldilocks! Thanks sister Joelle! Thanks Goldilocks!

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