I joke I am addicted to chocolate or catch myself saying so loosely, “I’m addicted to Parenthood, I’m jones-ing for next week!!!” However, there is a grave reality that everyday addiction is robbing someone of their daughter, son, brother, sister, friend, father, or mother every minute of every day. Sad news was given to me the other night of a young girl, twenty-two, who overdosed. Like many I work with, we knew her or at least knew of her. She desired help and knocked on our door, until it was opened to her. However, she chose to leave, but yet never closed the door behind her. The reality of addiction perches itself like a gargoyle, cemented to the door posts of every generation, waiting eagerly for his next victim of incapacitation. We hear it every hour. Addiction is someone’s reality. Addiction is real. Addition shows no partiality or mercy to one.


One thought on “Addict.

  1. So sorry for this loss and for the lost souls still wondering this aimless path. Currently, there is a free online conference for addiction at Recovery 2.0
    This is a conference EVERY human BEING could learn from. Not necessarily just for addicts.

    My prayers come out to the family and friends of this young woman.

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