30 Day Challenge:Day 1

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30 Day Challenge

When I tentatively sat down to write the first entry of my blog a couple of years ago, I really had no idea what to write or what to share, so I shared myself. It’s probably the safest thing to share, considering, with all the cover ups, concealers, fillers, and smoke mirrored expectations we place on ourselves( in a friendly joining of hands-type-circle way) in declaration with the mass majority, peculiar and non-peculiar alike, that would  I would just like to be break free from the idol of the human self. I know freedom is not anything new. For we want freedom from hate. Freedom from shame. We want freedom from insecurity. We would love freedom from debt. How about freedom from sickness, mental illness, or even self-vanity? There are so many things I know I have been set free of and delivered from, however, there are still places in my heart that need healing and areas in my soul that need freeing.
This blog journal was very instrumental in my 30 pound challenge. I accomplished the goal I had set out to do…but then, Christmas came, followed by Valentines and then, eeps….Easter. After looking at the sparse Easter basket…(Hi, I have 3 kids…one Easter basket…? Seriously!) I realized my desensitization of over indulgence has spiralled out of control. I spent $40.00 on my kids Easter and they had 2 chocolates each hiding in the Easter grass? To top it off, was what is happening at the top of my jeans. Spandex? How about leggings, anyone? Being I live in BC, I can get away wearing Lulu’s but, I want to wear my other clothes, too. Tights are great, but they refuse to get tight, and this is no longer cool with me. The solution? My dear friend Ash and I are going to do a 30 day challenge and this is what it is:
The Rules:
1. 30 days
2. Cheat day is Saturday
3. 3/4-5 workouts a week
4. Daily ab workout (see below)

My cheat day will entail Purdy’s chocolate, or maybe even a Green Tea Frappé from Starbucks.
I will continue my normal work out regime, which entails three days of cardio and 2 days of weight training. Another rule for me will be no food after 7 pm. I will weigh myself on Saturdays. My goal: To zap the snap on my favorite jeans in thirty days.
This is day one.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge:Day 1

  1. Very impressive.I just want to share a video that has shown up at an opportune time for myself. Hope it’s of some help for you. I am a Personal Trainer as well as working with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Being on my game every day can sometimes be a challenge. Loved this video! Good luck. I will be following along and look forward to congratulating you at the finish line 🙂

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