Old Photo.


This photo was take in 1981. It is of me and my three cousins. I was 2 years old. That was 31 years ago, is that even possible? The other day when I was running, “Today” was on the radio, by Smashing Pumpkins. It instantly reminded me of being 14, getting The Siamese Dream album for one of my Christmas presents and Germany encountering the worse flood, from the Rhein River, it had had in years.

I thought as I ran, wow, I can’t believe that was 9 years ago, and then ran a bit further to realize, no, Jamie, that was 19 years ago.
It is sentimental seeing my cousins like this, because this is how I remember them most. This was when we lived on the Island and as soon as we moved away, we didn’t see each other as much, and before long, my family moved to Europe and time just continued to slip further away. There is a connection between families that remains untouchable. Only the untouchable are able to feel it. It isĀ ancestral history, carved in our DNA, a link, a bond, a graphing that can’t be escaped. I miss these early years of my childhood. It entailed many days on the beach, nights by bon-fire, and playing with our black wolf- dog, Yogi. My heart only knew what my eyes could see and invisible to my eyes, my naked heart remains challenged by time.

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