Man’s Job…

Oh ok, don’t freak on me for saying this, yes it is rather a gender stereotype, but most who know me, know that I am a stereotype, we kind of all are, whether we care to admit it or not…Anyhow, I am a mom of three and to have to dilly-dally with car tires, is not my forte, but Sean-man is involved with a Pastor’s conference all week and this really needed to be done sooner than later. My mom was astonished at our  back tires and told me we could be fined, eeks! I have to say, though, I was proud to get the job, the man job (in my opinion), done. I really appreciate the men at Kal Tire who wonderfully helped with all of this. It is a relief to know that my low tire pressure sign should not come on again, for awhile, right? Plus, the badly bald tires won’t skid about in a rain storm, which I am sure will be coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Man’s Job…

  1. Oh Jamie. That’s not a photo of your tire, I hope. Changing flat tires is not my forte but have had to do it many times as the Big Guy was not always around. Kal Tire knows tires and I don’t have to change them. I just call them up, they make house calls. Yeah. Dinner soon, okay.

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