Thinking outside the box, the lunch box, that is…

Can somebody say, “Pressure?!” Sheesh. Just when I thought everything was in order and fine, with all this back to school hoopla, I didn’t realize there was going to be a new unforeseen issue, that issue being what everyone else is eating for their lunch. I am a child of the 1980’s. I remember wagon wheels, twinkies, fruit roll-ups, super socco, and hickory sticks. I was a child who ate with great liberation until I was 11 years old and was hit with huge health issues that resulted in a crash course dietary change overnight. I lived on tinctures, vegetables, whole grains, and the odd fish, here and there. No more sugar, bread, and red meat. I was a sad bear in my 6th grade class. I learned to adapt. When my intestinal issues were better and my skin cleared, I ended up reintroducing sugar, meat, and bread back into my diet, but within reason. I guess I just assumed that my kids would want to eat like me, because why?-I have it all together, not exactly, but it is what they have grown up with. Now I am faced with letting go of my ideals, and trusting that they, themselves, will make choices, yes, even at such a young age, that will be of benefit to their health. It’s tricky. 1 is telling me what other kids have in their lunch, that she has never had before, she doesn’t seem upset by it, I did buy yogurt tubes for the first time this week…is it okay she has never had gum, soda, a wagon wheel or twinkie at age 5? I don’t want to keep her in a bubble, I just want her to think outside the box.

6 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box, the lunch box, that is…

  1. Hi Jamie, great post! I think I told you I bought a bento box for Josephine. I love the bento box! I have been getting creative with her lunch as well (no yogurt tubes or wagon wheels). One day she had a sandwich on a stick; they are so fun to make! Pinwheel sandwiches are also easy to make and fun for Josephine to eat. I get pretty lazy with meal planning for the week. But I do plan Josephine’s lunch for the week, otherwise I would be too stressed!

    • Why is it dede 4 and not 7? I have been looking at bento boxes, as well as yubo, and go green boxes. So fun. I am hoping that when my order of stainless steel containers arrive, I will be more creative, but for now, I just pack the same old thing. I try to bake every Sunday afternoon and then freeze the muffins, cookies, whatever, so I can just take them out for her lunch. Sean baked last night, so I have cookies for her this week. She doesn’t mind sunflower seed butter with jam, so that has been a help too. I am going to try to make pinwheel sandwiches. She loves spinach pita. What do you put in them?

  2. Ya, it’s funny, my boys have been given yogurt tubes by friends of mine recently and they don’t know how to eat them! I have to help them and end up feeling bad that they haven’t figured it out yet. But maybe I shouldn’t feel bad?

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