It is what it is.

These last couple of weeks have been intense. Intense in the sense of heat from a fire that burns within me and from a fire that burns around me. It is life. It is truth. It is real. In the midst of refining, there comes a strength. It is here where breath is strained, eyes are bloodshot, and hair is a messy mess. Despite the agony of growing pains and the revelation of identity, this is what it is. A blueprint from those of the past, a map, a legend, or a compass of life, I have a need to be who God has called me to be. It is what it is. I feel in each season of life, there is a song that helps me in whatever it is I may be going through. I remember 7 years ago when a mass behind my left eye was found a month before our wedding day, I would listen to a song by Robin Mark over and over again, until the fear of the unknown finally subsided and the assurance of God’s love for me was all that could embrace me. I feel I am here again with a new song. It inspires me and humbles me. I sing it to 3 every night before I put him down to bed.

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