Meal Plan for May 28- June 3

It has been a busy last few days and frantically thinking about all the things to ever think about as a mom in this day in age is over the top. I find when I am out of town, which I was, it seems to take me a few extra days to unwind and to fall back into some sort of routine. Part of my routine is to have a meal plan for the week, and here it is:

Monday– Favorite Chicken Strips and Greek Salad
Tuesday– Spaghetti and meat sauce
WednesdayHummus, fresh vegetables, farmer’s sausage, and taco chips
Thursday–  15 minute avocado pasta (by oh she glows) and carrot sticks
Friday– The Kids’ favorite breakfast, pancakes
SaturdayPerogies, cabbage, and Farmer’s sausage
Sunday– Mini quiches and salad

It may appear that our family has a thing for farmer’s sausage, and that is because we do. We live close to a Mennonite Butcher and they provide the best sausage I have ever come across.  Though I am not of Mennonite decent, I am of German and Polish, and this kind of thing just goes with the territory.  I hope this helps those in dire need of ideas for meals. I will post the Avocado pasta dish in the next couple of days.  It is pretty great.

One thought on “Meal Plan for May 28- June 3

  1. Jamie, that avocado pasta looks SO good. I showed Neil the recipe and he thinks so too. We might have to make it…with chicken! YUM. See you Thursday 🙂

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