Not just spilled milk…

The way our house is situated, our dinner table has carpet under it. Light gray carpet. When we purchased our home 5 years ago, I remember pausing in the dining room, exiting the time in space I currently was in and returning back to our childhood home I lived in during the early 1980’s. My memory was this…playing under the table on a chocolate shag carpet trying to pick hard rice caked into it. Oh man, I thought, when realizing we,too, were going to be having to deal with rice or any other food for that matter. For some reason I forgot about milk. Why is it that no matter how hard I scrub the carpet, a day or two later the spoiled area is crunchy? This is why I barely walk around the house without socks, birkenstocks or any other type of shoe I own on. Carpet, meh. Sean’s sister is flying in on Wednesday night with her man. It is tradition for us to have our carpets cleaned before honored guests arrive, because they can become so filthy, especially when there are 3 kids in the mix at different ages. This year the carpet has had its fair share of abuse. Everywhere from spilled milk, vomit, chocolate and pee. Gross. I know. Apple Carpet Cleaners came in on Friday and did the best job, ever. I have used other companies as well, but this has been the best.  The gentleman told me that if there ever comes I time I need advice he gives free advice, to just call. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to, but that is not always the case for a mom.  Yesterday the kids were in the back yard and I didn’t realize that 2 ran in the house to get his bathing suit on, but failed to remove the boots he had worn while jumping in the thick mud he called mud poo.  Eh.  Best advice for this situation all, is this, let the mud dry then vacuum it up with just the nozzle. It worked.  Thanks Apple man, you rock!

3 thoughts on “Not just spilled milk…

    • It is me at my best. As Sean calls the nail Polly P…I am just keeping it real, as I am wearing also an old stanfield waffle shirt to go with the nail, what can I say, I grew up in the 90’s.

  1. JAMIE!!! love the carpet post!! bhahha!! Ohhhh….that carpet man…SOOOO smart. FYI- you look like you’ve lost 8 zillion pounds since I saw you a few weeks ago. EEEEPPPP!

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