He is Healed!

It is indeed a good Friday. After a shopping trip with my friend Lizzie, Sean told us we wouldn’t believe what 3 spat up…I don’t like the word barf or puke, but is there any other word to describe it? It had been since Tuesday morning 3 had stopped eating solid foods, showed signs of irritability with nursing, breathing and swallowing. I had taken him to emergency, then to the family Dr. and it was thought perhaps he had a viral infection, which gave me a bit of relief that it wasn’t a lung issue. This, however, did not make sense to me how he changed so dramatically in a 20 minute time span. From being happy and normal to drooling excessively, gagging, and breathing heavier than normal. He choked again this afternoon on a piece of a Camille blossom. Sean was able to get it out of his mouth, but shortly after, he barfed up breast milk and a sticker. The sticker I thought since Tuesday he may have swallowed. After the sticker was out, Sean fed him a whole jar of baby food. Since this time, he has had nearly 3 more jars of food. The little guy is healed and back to normal. Stickers. Above is a photo of the sticker, the piece of Camille and a quarter to get an idea of its size.

One thought on “He is Healed!

  1. I’m still amazed and feeling sick about him not able to tell us 😦
    This has probably taken your hatred of stickers to a whole new level.

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