Roast Beef Dinner

This is an easy dinner for those busy days of cleaning, sorting, playing, working and whatever it may be.  It is also a dinner suitalbe for red meat lovers. I don’t really fit in this category, because I like poultry and seafood, however, I cater to a family of carnivores. This is how I do it. I take 3-4 carrots from the fridge then look in my copper pot to see what goods I have in there…sweet potatoes, onions, yams, and potatoes. Grab them. Peel them. Chop them. Toss them in olive oil and sea salt. Place the roast in the roasting pan, shower it with olive oil, sea salt ,pepper and minced garlic. I gently place the chopped vegetables around the roast,  add a cup of water, cover, and then put it in the oven at 350 for about 4 hours. I peak in on it every hour, add more water and salt and then voilà it is done!  Happy husband.  Happy children.  Happy mom.


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