The 30 Pound Challenge

My Challenge

I am always up for a challenge.  Whether it be a difficult person, a research paper, or perhaps even an unexpectant pregnancy, I am in.  I have partnered with my husband in a new challenge.  We are calling it the 30 pounder.  I gained 54 pounds with baby River.  Now that I am no longer pregnant, the weight doesn’t need to be around anymore.  Sean was my support during the nights of ice cream bindges and the weekly fix for starbuck’s frappes, but now, it is time.  Time to say, “No more sugar and fat, you tasted great, but I am tired of you on my body!”  Together we are aiming to eat better, workout more, and encourage one another in the new endevor.  It is vitally important for me and Sean too,  but I am the one who is a little more over the top neurotic, to be examples to our children.  I want our kids to know what it is to be in a healthy environment, not only spiritually and emotionally, but physically as well.  I am not too keen on announcing my weight, but I will.  Before the news of finding out I was pregnant, I was 166.  I am currently 196.  I have 30 pounds to lose.  Here we go.


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